STILL TIME TO ENTER + posting update

Hi friends!
Long time no post!

Although I owe you all a lengthy deluge of a post sometime soon, this is just a quick ramble letting you know that I have decided to stretch the blogaversary giveaway out until the 15 of the month. So if you haven't entered already, please do so at the original post here.

Secondly, if you couldn't tell by the lack of posts, I've been having a difficult time juggling my schedule at the start of this year. So it is my hope to try to post once a week, probably on Saturday or Sunday, but possibly Wednesdays when I'm on break or something like that. I'm not sure how well this schedule will work out, but let's give it a go, shall we?

Have you entered the giveaway?
How do you juggle blogging and life?


  1. I just try to write blog posts when I have time. :)

  2. I write blog posts when I have inspiration (HAHAHA who am I kidding this is never) and then keep them around or schedule them for when I have time.
    Yeah actually this never happens but I always tell myself it will and I live in hope.
    I DID ENTER AND I AM SO EXCITED I LOVE TEA! As I'm sure you didn't know.

    1. Haha, yeah, inspiration is hard to find, isn't it? Scheduling is something I aspire to... but alas, saying is much easier than doing.

  3. I do the same as the previous commenters do, no pressure! It works best for me that way ;D

  4. How I juggle: throw all the balls in the air and cover my head.
    (Sorry, that's no help, is it! ;P)
    Jem Jones

  5. Hi, Mira! For me, I always try to have a bank of posts that are in reserve in case life dictates I shouldn’t be posting then! Strive to post once a week, and reply to comments / comment on other blogs in the morning if you have some lag time before school starts. ^.^ Hope this helps!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. thank you Abigail! that's really helpful-i like the idea of replying to comments before school!

  6. No worries! I know it's hard to post constantly, believe me. <3 I haven't entered the giveaway though because I don't prefer tea. xP I don't like coffee either, just water and milk lol. <3
    Juggling blogging and life is tedious though you are totally capable! When I can't get around to posting for a week, I just post after a week and know that it's okay because my readers don't wait impatiently outside the door. They are only there when you post, and not before that and not after. You are not being judged because you have important schoolwork and important life. xxxx We've all been there, girlie.

    1. aw, thank you sweet Amelia. <33
      it's nice knowing this happens to the best of us.

      p.s. i lost access to your blog??? and i really miss reading it??? maybe you can send me a new link if you see this???


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